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    1. BD150-20-II Racing Motorcycle
    2. BD150-20-II Racing Motorcycle

      This motorbike is born with 250CC oil cooled engine being fitted with balance shaft. When this bike is running at high speed, this engine is capable of ensuring the traction and torque, while the oil cooling system is drastically reducing the temperature of the engine.

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    1. BD150-20-III Racing Motorcycle
    2. BD150-20-III Racing Motorcycle

      The BD150-20-III is the customer-proven racing motorcycle, because this motorized bike is endowed with strong traction, prominent cost performance and high quality. Therefore, this product is exported to Eastern Europe and South America, and has been sold more than 5,000 ones.

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    1. BD250-4A Racing Motorcycle
    2. BD250-4A Racing Motorcycle

      BD250-4A racing motorcycle is a proprietary product developed on our own, as a lot of tooling and manufacturing effort has gone into it.

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    1. BD125T-4A-F22 Scooter
    2. BD125T-4A-F22 Scooter

      This motorcycle comes in bigger size which is more ideal for people who are a little large in weight.
      The engine choice is varied among 50CC, 80CC, 125CC and 150CC. The wheel hub is 12cun (about 16 inches).

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    1. BD125T-4A-I Scooter
    2. BD125T-4A-I Scooter

      Beautifully crafted windscreen is placed in the front for protection, and the seat comes in fairly large size to enhance the comfortable riding experience. Furthermore, a small backrest is mounted in the back for further improvement.
      The scooter can be powered by 125CC and 150CC engine

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    1. BD150T-15-II Scooter
    2. BD150T-15-II Scooter

      The engine choice falls into 50CC, 80CC, 125CC and 150CC. As for cycles powered by 50CC and 80CC engine, the front matching wheel comes in 13cun (about 17 inches) and the rear one is 12cun (about 16 inches).
      As for bikes fitted with 125CC and 150CC engine

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Cruise the streets in style with BAODIAO motorcycles. We carry a diverse range of models including the racing motorcycle, motorcycle tricycle, and other fine selections. Our designers can customize the handlebar, engine, and other major components to not only suit customer preferences, but also their budgets. BAODIAO Locomotive--freedom is yours.

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