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90CC Moped

We have 7 different moped motorbikes that are powered by 90CC engine. Plenty of models are offered to meet various budget and personal preference.

Being powered by diverse types of engines, the same moped motorcycle will give you distinguished riding experience. Compared to cycles powered by 50CC and 70CC engines, 90CC model gives stronger power and faster speed.

    1. BD50Q-5A Moped MtorcycleOur BD50Q-5A moped motorized bike can be powered by engines ranged among 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC. The brands and displacements of engines are allowed to be selected in accordance with clients’ preference.
    1. BD50Q-5A-I Moped Mtorcycle The front and rear wheels are fitted with aluminum wheel rims. The disc brake is installed for front wheel. Besides, this moped motorcycle has on-road tires which are ideal for on-road riding.
    1. BD50Q-8A-IV Moped MtorcycleThe headlamp delivers brilliant illumination, and is protected by beautifully crafted lampshade. Fashionable design and concise streamline attract people’s attention. In addition, this moped bike benefits from the aluminum wheel and front disc brake.
    1. BD70Q-A Moped Mtorcycle This moped motorized bike is applicable to 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC engines.
      On-road and off-road tires are available.
      Different choices are offered, and the luggage carrier is also an option.
    1. BD70Q-B Moped MtorcycleThis energy saving motorized vehicle is easy to operate. The rear trunk is the option to enlarge the cargo capacity. Meanwhile, the wheel hub can be matched with aluminum wheel or steel wheel.
    1. BD100-11A-I Moped Mtorcycle The spoke for this moped bike is designed and manufactured on our own, thus drastically reducing the cost. Therefore, this customer-proven motorcycle receives excellent reputation, and has been sold over 2,000 ones.
    1. BD100-11A-II Moped MtorcycleThe main body of this moped motorcycle can be painted into black, yellow, red and white, so as to meet various customers’ tastes. Besides, different engines are applicable to our product, such as 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC.
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