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Moped by Capacity

    1. 50CC MopedThe perfect ignition timing and valve timing provide strong power, low energy consumption, superior durability and high torque at middle-low speed.
      In addition, our 50CC moped motorcycle has been successfully exported to Eastern Europe and South America, and receiving excellent reputation.
    1. 70CC MopedBeing fitted with 70CC engine, our moped motorcycle features low vibration, reduced noise and large torque output at lower speed. The outstanding engine performance delivers amazing abilities of climbing and load-carrying.
    1. 90CC MopedPlenty of models are offered to meet various budget and personal preference.
      Being powered by diverse types of engines, the same moped motorcycle will give you distinguished riding experience. Compared to cycles powered by 50CC and 70CC engines
    1. 110CC Moped110CC engine is the largest type applicable to our moped motorbike. On the basis of the same structure and color, this motorcycle delivers the strongest power and fastest speed among this series. Therefore, its passion and enthusiasm meet the young men and motor fans’ need for speed.