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1-cylinder, 4-stroke Moped

BD50Q-5A Air-cooled Moped

This BD50Q-5A moped motorcycle is pretty large in size. The bold design represents its energy and wildness, and delivers comfortable riding experience. Power diversity, easy operation and energy efficiency are the attractive features that our motorbike offers. Based on small displacement, our product is amazingly popular in Eastern Europe, and the export volume is about 5,000 each year.

Our BD50Q-5A moped motorized bike can be powered by engines ranged among 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC. The brands and displacements of engines are allowed to be selected in accordance with clients’ preference. The color choices are mainly available in black, yellow, red and green. Also, we are delightful to provide different color options and appliqué on the basis of customers’ requirements.

Meanwhile, its gracefully arced spokes promote the beauty of this vehicle. Deep tire tread provides excellent traction. Disc brake drastically enhances the brake performance of this moped bike. Besides, 12 L oil tank allows for maximum mileage of 500 kilometers on the normal road surface. An artistic dashboard is placed on the oil tank to show the fuel capacity.

In addition, the seat of this moped bike is designed to offer comfortable riding and sitting. The waved seats provide large space. Besides, the backrest, which is mounted on the rear rack, ensures the safety of the passengers on the back seat.

Standard Options Main technical data
50CC engine,
FR/RR: disc/drum,
Aluminum wheel,
Double rear shock,
Aluminum muffler
Dimension (mm) 1675×675×950
Rear trunk Wheelbase (mm) 1240
Remote control Min. ground clearance (mm) 90
70CC engine Dry weight (kg) 100
110CC engine Max. load (kg) 150
Max. speed (km/h) 50
Brake (FR/RR) Disc/drum
Wheel hub (FR/RR) Aluminum
Tire size (FR/RR) 2.75-18 / 3.25-18
Tire pressure (FR/RR) (kPa) 225
Ignition CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
Engine model 139FMA
Engine type 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
Max. power (kW/(r/min)) 2.0/7500
Max. torque (N·m/(r/min)) 2.5/6000
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