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Moped by Type

    1. BD50Q-5A MopedThe bold design represents its energy and wildness, and delivers comfortable riding experience. Power diversity, easy operation and energy efficiency are the attractive features that our motorbike offers. Based on small displacement, our product is amazingly popular in Eastern Europe...
    1. BD50Q-5A-I MopedComparing with other models, this motorbike has raised the height of handlebar for more comfortable riding. Meanwhile, this moped vehicle can be powered by various engine types such as 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC. Variable power supply gives more possibilities to customers...
    1. BD50Q-8A-IV MopedTherefore, this motorcycle is endowed with innovative appearance and sense of reliability. The power can be variable ranging among 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC. It is worth noting that its size is designed in accordance with 125CC model, whereby it is fairly large in size, yet with small power output.
    1. BD70Q-A MopedThis BD70Q-A moped motorcycle is designed in compliance with aesthetic standard of Eastern Europeans. The wheels are fitted with beautifully arced spokes, which deliver sense of generosity and simplicity. Benefiting from various options and price choices, this vehicle is popular in Eastern Europe.
    1. BD70Q-A-I MopedBD70Q-A-I moped can come with one of four engines, each at a different power level, including 50CC, 70CC, 90CC, or110CC. Designed with ease of operation in mind, this motorized bicycle brings significant oil savings.
    1. BD70Q-B MopedWe independently design and produce the unique spokes to promote the whole artistic effect. Besides, the front rack is added for practical applications.
      Our moped bike is available in blue, red and black, thus suitable for both male and female customers. In addition, the various choices of engines
    1. BD100-11A-I MopedThere are basket in the front, rack in the middle and back, as well as optional trunk, which are offering amazing cargo capacity. The main body can be varied in red, yellow, black and white.
    1. BD100-11A-II MopedBesides, different engines are applicable to our product, such as 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC. As for brake system, we offer disc brake and drum brake.
      This attractive product has large export amount, and has been exported to South America and Eastern Europe and sold over 7,000 ones.