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Our moped motorcycle is available in 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC. Each type has several models differed in appearance color, hub and brake. Plentiful combinations come with flexible prices, thus meeting various market needs.

We are the professional manufacturer of general motorcycle and customized motorcycle. Came into being in 1998, we have decades of industrial experience. Currently, we have three automatic assembly production lines, and we produce 200,000 motorcycles each year. In 2012, we sold a total of 100,000 motorcycles, and output value reached CNY 0.34 billion, including CNY 0.27 billion of export value.

Based on technical expertise and longstanding commitment to innovation, we independently manufacture all our moped motorbikes, and we even make die sinking for several hubs. As a result, our motorized two wheelers are endowed with extraordinary quality and cost performance.

If the purchase volume meets our standard, customers are allowed to select colors and patterns according to their personal preferences. We offer tailor-made service, and we own a painting factory. Therefore, dozens of color choices and satisfactory services will make your bike amazingly unique.

Engine match sheet
The sheet below shows the possibility of combination between our moped motorbike and engine model. "●" means possible match, and "○" implies impossible combination.

50CC 70CC 90CC 110CC
BD50Q-5A moped motorcycle
BD50Q-5A-I moped motorcycle
BD50Q-8A-IV moped motorcycle
BD70Q-A moped motorcycle
BD70Q-B moped motorcycle
BD100-11A-I moped motorcycle
BD100-11A-II moped motorcycle

Main options
Customers can make different selections of these parts in accordance with budget, personal preference and local conditions.

1. Engine. Choices are available in 50CC, 70CC, 90CC and 110CC.
2. Hub. There are aluminum type and metal type.
3. Brake. We mainly offer disc brake and drum brake.
4. Carrier rack. There are large one and small one.
5. Luggage. The option is based on application needs.
6. Bookshelf. Certain moped models are fitted with bookshelf for more storage space.
7. Color of main body. At present, available colors include yellow, red, black, green and blue. Furthermore, we will offer more color choices when customers’ order amount meets our requirements.
8. Appliqué. Choices are based on customers’ requirements.