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150CC Street Motorcycle

The whole series of our street motorcycle is suitable to be driven by 150CC engine. Therefore, on the basis of same power, various models and prices are offered to fit different budgets and tastes.

As long as customer’s order fits our requirement, the customer is provided with the chance to choose color and appliqué that they prefer, so as to make the street motorcycle more unique and personal.

In addition, we have dependable engine suppliers, thus our engines for motorbikes are quality ensured. If customers have special requests on engines, tailor-made service is also available.

    1. BD125-2A Street MotorcycleThe low price and various models keep this motorbike refreshing and attractive in the intensive market competition. It has been constantly exported in fairly large amount, and receiving amazing reputation from customers.
    1. BD125-8A Street MotorcycleThe wheel hub adopts aluminum wheel. The front disc brake is also recommended. Besides, large rack and small rack are also offered to promote cargo capacity. Therefore, various options are provided to suit customers’ needs.
    1. BD125-A Street MotorcycleAffordable price and diverse models are the significant features of this motorbike. Besides, its readily operation and application as the complete knock-down (CKD) has always been attractive to customers home and aboard.
    1. BD150-8A-VII Street MotorcycleThe applicable power for this motorbike is ranged among 150CC, 200CC and 250CC. This large diversity comes with sufficient possibilities to meet customers’ requirements.
    1. BD250-8A-VI Street MotorcycleGrounded on fashionable design and power diversity, this motorbike is built to achieve customers’ satisfaction. The applicable engine includes 150CC, 200CC and 250CC.
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