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Street Motorcycle by Capacity

    1. 125CC Street MotorcycleWe mainly supply 5 different street bikes, three of which can be applied to 125CC engine. They are BD125-2A,BD125-8A and BD125-A. Our street motorcycle is so classical that the product is amazingly popular in Eastern Europe and has large export amount.
    1. 150CC Street MotorcycleTherefore, on the basis of same power, various models and prices are offered to fit different budgets and tastes.
      As long as customer’s order fits our requirement, the customer is provided with the chance to choose color and appliqué that they prefer...
    1. 200CC Street MotorcycleCompared to the street motorcycle being powered by 125CC or 150CC engine, this 200CC motorbike delivers much stronger traction and more superior riding experience.
    1. 250CC Street MotorcycleThe large tires, aluminum wheels and front disc brake are the strong background for extraordinary stability and speed.
      Being powered by 250CC engine, our street motorcycle is able to meet your need for speed.