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Racing Motorcycle

Our racing motorcycle is born with handsome appearance. Extensive color selections are available to fit different tastes. However, this motorbike is not just pretty. Based on streamlined design, this product has outstanding specification, and is applicable to various engine types. Therefore, it is highly recognized by customers home and abroad.

The sheet below shows the possibility of combination between our racing motorcycle and engine model. "●" means possible match.

150CC 200CC 250CC
BD150-20-I racing motorcycle
BD150-20-II racing motorcycle
BD150-20-III racing motorcycle
BD150-20-IV racing motorcycle

Generally, the front wheel incorporates with double disc brake, while the rear wheel matches with single disc brake. So our racing motorcycle offers amazing brake effect. Besides, the handlebar can be customized in accordance with customer’s requirements. The options are available as normal rubber handlebar and colorful alloy handlebar.