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150CC Scooter

Being powered by 150CC engine, our scooter is endowed with more prominent performance and fantastic riding experience. What’s more, there are a total of 19 models that are applicable to 150CC engine. Therefore, the diverse motorbike selections are given to meet customers’ needs.

Based on outstanding quality and superior cost performance, this customer-proven scooter has been exported to many countries and regions.

    1. BD50QT-2 ScooterThese cycles are larger in size comparing to 50CC model. The wheel size is available in 12cun (about 16 inches). Meanwhile, rear trunk and burglar alarm are also provided for selection. Tons of choices are given to satisfy riders.
    1. BD50QT-3A-V ScooterThe price gap between 80CC model and 125CC model is fairly small, and when 125CC scooter incorporates with 10cun (about 13 inches) tire, the price advantage is again enhanced.
    1. BD125T-2A-I Scooter This motorcycle can be varied in various specifications and combinations. The engine can adopt the 50CC type and the 80CC type. The combination of steel wheel and drum brake is offered
    1. BD125T-2A-II ScooterIn addition, this scooter can also be powered by 125CC engine and 150CC engine. However, the size of the motorcycle would be much large than that of 50CC model, and the relevant tire size is 12cun (about 16 inches).
    1. BD125T-2A-IV ScooterCompared with other models, thismotorbike is endowed with larger body and stronger muscle, thus suitable for riders in large shape. Besides, this motorcycle benefits from optional burglar alarm
    1. BD125T-2A-IX ScooterThe tire size for all models is 12cun (about 16 inches). Optional remote control and rear trunk are provided to fit the application needs. Furthermore, the Energy Efficiency Credit (EEC) is offered, and the price advantage is another prominent feature of this motorcycle.
    1. BD125T-2A-X Scooter The first selection is the match of steel wheel and drum brake, and the second is the match of aluminum wheel and disc brake. The tire size can be varied between 10cun (about 13 inches) and 12cun (about 16 inches).
    1. BD125T-4A-F2 ScooterBased on high quality body cover, this advanced product is extensively exported to Eastern Europe.
      The scooter is available in incredibly diverse models.
    1. BD125T-4A-F3 ScooterCompared with the BD125T-4A-F2, this motorbike is born with more gorgeous appearance and larger size. The front panel and lights are modified to be more domineering.
    1. BD125T-4A-F22 Scooter The engine choice is varied among 50CC, 80CC, 125CC and 150CC. The wheel hub is 12cun (about 16 inches). The main body of this scooter is available in various colors and appliqués.

    1. BD125T-4A-F35 ScooterSo this fashionable motorcycle is endowed with wilder shape and more colorful main body. So customers are provided with diverse choices on paintings and appliqués. The optional remote control and rear trunk are also offered.
    1. BD125T-4A-VI ScooterSo this motorcycle is exported to Eastern Europe in extensive amount.
      However, the wheel hub is offered in 12cun (about 16 inches) for all models. In addition, customers are provided with optional remote control and rear trunk to fit application needs.
    1. BD125T-5-II Scooter The engine is available as 50CC, 80CC, 125CC and 150CC. But the wheel hub comes in 12cun (about 16 inches) for all motorbike models. In addition, optional remote control and rear trunk are provided for capacity improvement.
    1. BD150T-15-II Scooter

      The engine choice falls into 50CC, 80CC, 125CC and 150CC. As for cycles powered by 50CC and 80CC engine, the front matching wheel comes in 13cun (about 17 inches) and the rear one is 12cun (about 16 inches).

    1. BD150T-15-III Scooter The applicable engine for this scooter falls into 50CC, 80CC, 125CC and 150CC. As for model fitted with 50CC and 80CC engine, the front wheel hub is 13cun (about 17 inches), and the rear one is 12cun (about 16 inches).
    1. BD150T-15-IV ScooterThis scooter is available in various engine selections, such as 50CC, 80CC, 125CC and 150CC. As for 125CC and 150CC models, the size of wheel hub for both front and rear is 13cun (about 17 inches).
    1. BD150T-15-VII ScooterThe front panel and lights of this motorbike deliver more fashionable elements, and the front windscreen has more sense of future. Therefore, this attractive motorcycle is popular with customers and has large sales volume
    1. BD125T-2B ScooterThe BD125T-2B scooter features stylish appearance and large size. It is generally equipped with a lengthened 150cc engine. This engine has stable quality and its power meets the needs of most people.
    1. BD125T-2C ScooterThe BD125T-2C scooter comes with a 50cc, 80cc, 125cc, or 150cc engine and the maximum speed reaches 85km/h. Such diversified configuration and high speed enable this scooter to meet the needs of more people.
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