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Motor Scooter by Capacity

    1. 50CC ScooterThe 50CC engine is the smallest type suitable to our scooter. This engine model enables our motorcycle to have smaller displacement and less energy consumption. So this product has been proved to be the ideal transportation for salary men to ride on city streets and country roads.
    1. 80CC ScooterCompared to 50CC motorbike, this product offers much stronger traction.
      Extremely diverse models and specifications are supplied to customers to meet various tastes and needs. However, if you are not sure which one is the most suitable scooter...
    1. 125CC ScooterRiders are provided with plenty of choices to meet budgets and application needs.
      Compared with 50CC motorbike, this 125CC scooter delivers larger traction with more dependable riding performance.
    1. 150CC ScooterBeing powered by 150CC engine, our scooter is endowed with more prominent performance and fantastic riding experience. What’s more, there are a total of 19 models that are applicable to 150CC engine. Therefore, the diverse motorbike selections are given to meet customers’ needs.