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Motor Scooter

Our motor scooter is endowed with compact structure which is the fascinating feature. Diverse color and engine choices deliver extensive possibilities to meet riders’ tastes and needs.

We supply over 30 different motor scooter models. The applicable engine is varied among 50CC, 80CC, 125CC and 150CC.

The sheet below shows the possibility of combination between our motorized bike and engine model. "●" means possible match, and "○" implies impossible combination.

50CC 80CC 125CC 150CC
BD50QT-2 scooter
BD50QT-3-4B scooter
BD50QT-3 scooter
BD50QT-3A-I scooter
BD50QT-3A-IV scooter
BD50QT-3A-V scooter
BD50QT-3A-VI scooter
BD50QT-3-I scooter
BD50QT-3-II scooter
BD50QT-3-III scooter
BD50QT-3-V scooter
BD50QT-6 scooter
BD125T-2A-I scooter
BD125T-2A-II scooter
BD125T-2A-IV scooter
BD125T-2A-IX scooter
BD125T-2A-X scooter
BD125T-3A-VII scooter
BD125T-4A-BK scooter
BD125T-4A-F2 scooter
BD125T-4A-F3 scooter
BD125T-4A-F22 scooter
BD125T-4A-F35 scooter
BD125T-4A-I scooter
BD125T-4A-VI scooter
BD125T-5-II scooter
BD150T-15-II scooter
BD150T-15-III scooter
BD150T-15-IV scooter
BD150T-15-VII scooter