Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Co., Ltd.
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Since our foundation, we already have had our own testing equipment applied to the whole production line, and we also are capable to manufacture supportive products on our own. We perform various tests in aspects of performance and acceleration, etc., so as to ensure the quality of our motorcycles.

We also have our own equipment for painting and package. So we provide customers with highly tailor-made service. Motorbikes are allowed to come in various colors in accordance with customer’s requirements and market needs.

Meanwhile, motorbikes can be packaged in compliance with customer’s preferences. We apply strict control to the package process. We use rugged material and make sure every part stays the right place.

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This equipment was introduced from broad in 2004. It is mainly used for motorcycle frames testing, reverse engineering and R&D of new models. With the aid of this equipment, we are able to collect more accurate data needed for die sinking, thus enhancing the stability of new motorcycles.

In order to meet the requirements from market and environment protection, we imported the ASM (Acceleration Simulation Mode) dynamometer in 2004. This advanced machine is applied to effectively test the emission and supply accurate data. Therefore, our motorcycles have been famous as eco-friendly products home and abroad.

We brought this equipment in 2004, too. It is mainly used to test engine power, so as to pick out engines with poor condition.

This machine was also introduced to our factory in 2004. This monster is applied to test the adhesion of painting and chrome plating. Our motorcycles are sold worldwide, facing diverse climatic environment. Therefore, we are committed to ensure our painting and chrome plating to be capable of handling heat and damp.

This is the control center for engine power testing. Various inspections are performed to test engines in all possible aspects.