Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Co., Ltd.
Add.: No. 5, Houshan Ave., Xinshiji Industrial Park, Chaqiao Village, Anzhen Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel.: +86-510-88715566

Company Profile

BAODIAO Locomotive brings you freedom and maneuverability in the sleek form of high-performance motorcycles. As a large-scale Chinese manufacturer, we provide more than 100 product specifications under 7 major categories including the moped motorcycle, street motorcycle, racing motorcycle, motor scooter, police motorcycle, off-road motorcycle, and motorcycle tricycle. We are constantly introducing products with new and improved designs. Prospective customers can choose from a wide range of components including engines, wheels, breaking systems, speedometers, handlebars, etc. Custom paintjobs are available. This level of augmentation presents great flexibility in terms of pricing.

We operate 3 fully automated assembly production lines and can achieve an annual output capacity of 200,000 units. This enormous production potential allows us to fully satisfy a diverse range of customer requirements. Since conception, we have cooperated extensively with motorcycle dealers from around the world. We currently export to regions including the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc. In 2012 we sold approximately 100,000 motorcycles. This generated revenues of 340 million USD including 270 million in overseas sales.

Our company property spans 34,000 square meters. Our modern production base of more than 30,000 square meters is situated within a scenic industrial park. We have over 230 employees, more than 15% of whom are mid to high level technical personnel. Our quality management protocols are in strict adherence with the ISO9001 International Quality System. We successfully passed the certifications of both the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System and the ISO14001-2004 Environment Management System. Additionally, we have passed the CNCA compulsory 3C certification and the national motorcycle production approval examination. Our excellence is further showcased by titles and awards such as “Outstanding Brand of China” and "National Trustworthy Quality Product".
These authentications and accolades have built a solid foundation for our reputation.

Our brand is driven by advanced technology. Through innovation, we will exceed customer expectations. In 2003, we invested substantially in the establishment of a motorcycle R&D Centre and outfitted it with state-of-the-art import equipment from LENCE, HANBO, and the well-known German company AVL. At our disposal are precise testing instruments such as the headlamp aligner, chassis dynamometer, MST-3 complete vehicle inspection line, engine dynamometer, coordinate measuring machine, and the ASM (Acceleration Simulation Mode) dynamometer. Our hardware is complemented by American design software such as PRO-E and IMAGEWARE. These tools have allowed us to scientifically manage the entire development cycle including procedures such as product design, modeling, reverse modeling, part and component design to sample testing.

Through rapid development and fierce competition, our company has successfully garnered the trust and approval of countless consumers over the past few years. A current emphasis is placed on brand promotion and the increase of our market share. Under this selective focus, we have experienced an annual sales increase of 15%.

Our outstanding staff is proficiently managed with a scientific approach. With their professional dedication, we will forge a world-class brand!