Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Co., Ltd.
Add.: No. 5, Houshan Ave., Xinshiji Industrial Park, Chaqiao Village, Anzhen Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel.: +86-510-88715566


1. What warranties do you offer?
Our engines have 1 year or 6,000 kilometers warranty. Within the warranty period, if engines are damaged, we offer repair or exchange service for free.

2. How to get spare parts?
As for our dealers, we offer a relative number of spare parts for free. Meanwhile, they are allowed to purchase parts and accessories from us at regular intervals, enhancing the sufficient supply to meet market needs.

3. Are the motorcycles energy effective?
Our motorcycles are fitted with diverse types of engines. Generally speaking, engines with large displacement deliver large energy consumption accordingly. However, we adopt high quality engines. Compared with engines with same displacement, ours offers more superior energy saving capacity.

4. Can I get a user manual together with my motorcycle?
Yes, we offer a user manual for each one of our motorbike, ensuring better user experience.

5. What can I do to maintain my scooter?
We provide a user manual for every motorbike. Detailed information, such as maintenance instructions and cycle testing, is illustrated in the manual.

6. I want to import your spare parts and accessories, do you offer technology support?
Yes, we will send a compact disc containing teaching course, and we will also offer free training to your technicians. If the order is in large number, we will send special staff to your place, offering necessary support and service.

7. Do you offer exchange service?
Well, it depends on the types of spare parts. Our technology department will make fast analysis and test, and cooperate with customers in every possible way, on the basis of ensured quality.

8. How long is your production cycle?
The production cycle is varied in accordance with the quantity of order. Generally, if the quantity of order is less than 10 containers, our production cycle is 30 to 40 days.

9. Do your offer OEM service?

10. Do you provide certificates?
This depends on the specific market and motorcycle model. As for Europe and America markets, we are able to provide many related certificates. Please send us emails for more detailed information.

11. Can you help me arrange delivery?
Yes! We are delighted to help. We will at first choose the dependable transport company, and then make price confirmation together with you.

12. Do you offer pictures of finished motorcycles?
Yes, we offer pictures of finished motorbikes in accordance with customers’ requirements. Based on your satisfaction, delivery is conducted afterwards.

13. Can I be the exclusive agent?
It depends. First, we will make sure that there is no exclusive agent in your area. Then we will make sure that you are capable of handling this job. Then you will be our exclusive agent.

14. As for trial order, how many motorcycle models can I order?
Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we always allow you and your customers to test the quality, durability and cost saving of our motorcycles. We apply different polices on the basis of specific condition. We will support you in every possible way to get to know our cycles.