Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Co., Ltd.
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Partnership Building

Our efforts are firmly emphasized on consolidating existing and creating new partnerships. With the commitment to customers’ satisfaction and reputation for quality, we are devoted to implementing following policies to build everlasting partnerships.

To new clients.
1. Trial orders.

We accept any types of trial orders. Even if ordering 1 or 2 motorcycles, we still offer product sample. Furthermore, clients are welcome to visit our factory for inspection, and we accept testing before delivery.

2. Free service.
We offer the service to design patterns and appliqués for clients. Relative numbers of spare parts are offered as well for free. Besides, we can arrange delivery for clients.

3. Further support.
In order to promote the business development of clients, our motorcycles can be tailored to meet customers’ requirements. Meanwhile, we can help clients make sales plans, and related trainings are also provided.

To existing clients.
1. Market expansion assistance.
We send special staff to clients, providing necessary assistance and performing market investigation. Then we are constantly helping them to alter sales plans in accordance with local market status. Furthermore, new motorcycle models and appliqués are provided at regular intervals.

2. Spare parts supply.
The supply of spare parts will be continuously increased to enhance clients’ after-sales service.

To sales agents.
Based on the policies to existing clients, we also offer more beneficial price, exclusive motorcycle models, technology training and regular return visit. We cooperate with agents to develop special models for their regions, and introduce new customers to clients.

To customers in Eastern Europe and South America.
These areas are our main sales regions. As for South America, the models mainly fall into high-duty racing motorcycles and high-end street motorcycles. We actively listen to customers’ feedbacks and suggestions, and we make timely and necessary modifications to advance our motorbikes, enhancing competitive advantages. Meanwhile, we offer technology service and sufficient spare parts to support their business operation.

As for Eastern Europe, we mainly implement the policy of sales agents. We constantly advance old motorcycle types and invent new models. Regular spare parts offer and return visits are provided to enhance operation. We also assist customers to train retailers and broaden recognition.